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  1. B D


    I was enjoying your articles relating to the Submission to Aviation Safety Regulation Review.

    If I may, I note that of your 10 case studies, only #1 has a live link (very good reading, thankyou) – I cannot find any further reference and/or mention to the rest of them.

    Further, regarding your comment at the top of the article that you haven’t been able to make the automated table of contents work.
    It appears that the links have all been copied/pasted (?) from an office document – MS Word, judging by the source code.
    This has lead to very complex code (normally only used by Word in the background, for formatting, etc) being pulled through to your web page. Word uses specific little codes and tags to get its Table of Contents working, such as ‘#_Toc380758496’, seen at the end of each of your Table of Contents entry links.
    As such, any web browser doesn’t know what to do with this, since it is an MS Word link and not a HTML link.
    This is why your Table of Contents does not work. The article has been copied/pasted from Word and the links have been broken in the process.

    For multiple links within a webpage, try using anchor links before each relevant section, and using the Table of Contents entries to point to each section’s anchor. (See as an example.)

    Thanks for all your work – it has been a very enjoyable article. I simply noted that there has been an attempt to get things working, but perhaps due lack of time to fix it or the problem being elusive, the fix has escaped the person responsible.
    I thought I might offer assistance and a (hopefully) helpful point in the right direction to get things working again.

    All the best,

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