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If your airport is at risk of being transformed into an industrial real estate venture that limits aviation operations, the you should be aware of the following letter from Archerfield Airport Chamber of Commerce Inc Lindsay Snell. The situation currently being contested by Archerfield users might very easily be duplicated closer to home – so read on.Archerfield inappropriate devels highlighted & boundaries
AAT Proceedings
As you should be aware by now your Chamber (AACCI) has had proceedings in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) since August 2012. Our action is challenging ex-Minister Anthony Albanese’s disastrous decision in May 2012 to approve the 2011-2031 Archerfield Airport Master Plan.
If permitted to stand unchallenged by your Chamber, the Minister’s approval would clear the way for Archerfield Airport Corporation (AAC) to proceed with an irreversible and permanent downgrading of the critical aviation infrastructure that exists at Archerfield Airport. This includes the unacceptable loss of the 04/22 runway complex, the Archerfield Control Tower, the fuel farms and above all would obliterate many aviation businesses without compensation.
This is solely an industrial land grab by AAC without appropriate regard to the consequences to and requirements of the aviation users (that’s YOU!) and also the overall public interest both now and into the future.
The Chamber’s action is now set down for trial commencing from the 18th November to 26th November 2014 with an airport site visit by the AAT Deputy President Hack on the 17th November 2014.
Up to twenty-seven (27) witnesses, (most of whom have made extensive written statements) will be appearing for the Chamber – including our expert witnesses. If you are a witness you will soon be receiving a summons to appear before the AAT. Although this will be for the entire period from and including the 18th November, the exact day or days you will be required will be confirmed closer to the time. Persons pre-approved by the AAT will be able to provide evidence by phone or video link.
All members and their supporters are welcome to attend the hearing but everyone who receives a summons cannot be present in the hearing room until after they have given their evidence as a witness. If you attend the AAT before you are called, objections could be raised against your evidence including the possibly of totally invalidating your evidence – so please exercise extreme care about this.
What will be achieved?
The AAT has stated they are not running a royal commission. That said, the main issues, properly prosecuted by expert legal counsel will result in the 2011-2031 Master Plan being rejected by the AAT and possibly replaced by the Chamber’s alternative master plan (which was ratified by the Chamber in General Meeting) being approved by the AAT to then become the 2011-2031 Master Plan.
This decision will not only help rescue Archerfield Airport from unscrupulous land development, but will help every other secondary airport and the ALOP airports throughout Australia.
It is extremely important to understand that this is not just an action for the benefit of Archerfield Airport alone.
The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the Department of Infrastructure and Transport clearly do not know their own rules. Both Government Departments have been acting merely as a post office and have not done their job.
There will be significant ramifications for the Minister and section heads of these departments from our proceedings as the spotlight is now turned on to what they have done.
Running these proceedings in the AAT has been and continues to be a massive and resource demanding undertaking.
This is a “one off” exercise to save your airport and your business – an opportunity that will not present itself again.
It is now the time for your focus, for your action, for you to play your part, and to help with the heavy lifting others have shouldered to “get us all over the line”.
To prosecute the trial for the Chamber, we are represented by our Solicitor and Barrister, both of whom have aviation qualifications and are familiar with Archerfield Airport. In addition to this we also have litigation support personnel (who are also pilots) and iconic expert witnesses donating their professional time.
Our solicitor costs $2000 per trial day and Barrister $4,000 per trial and preparation day.
We request each and every member to sponsor either the solicitor or the Barrister or both for one or more days. For most aviation businesses this is fully tax deductible.
You do not need to be a member of the Chamber to sponsor. The Chamber is an approved organisation to receive public donations for this purpose under the Collections Act 1966 (Qld). Donations can be made with anonymity.
You may chose the day (or days) that you want to sponsor. A list of the days and slots requiring sponsorship will soon be up on the Chambers Website and kept updated . (Note no names will appear thereon – unless you specifically request same) .
The AAT is open to the public and (unless you are a witness) you can attend to see what you are getting for your sponsorship day.
Where do I send my sponsorship funds?
The Chamber’s Bank Account Details for the “AAT Case Fighting Fund” are as follows:
Account Name: Archerfield Airport Chamber of Commerce Inc.
Bank of Queensland – Springwood
BSB No: 124057
Account No:20220853
Don’t have the cash? – we can accept your credit card – donate on-line by clicking here and then selecting the ‘Donate’ button.
Know others that want to Help?
Help in sponsorship and extra litigation support and special project staff are needed.
Email this to your friend.
Lindsay Snell
Archerfield Airport Chamber of Commerce Inc


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