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One of the wonderful things about flying is that just about everybody who does it, loves doing it. In fact some of our highest-time airline pilots spend their spare time building, restoring, maintaining and flying their own aircraft, instructing, and generally hanging around airports on their days off.

And everybody who loves flying has at least one unforgotten flying event, but often many, stored among their memories.

Instructor Dimity & Belgian student 01For many it’s their first solo, that breathtaking moment when you’re suddenly alone in the sky for the first time, with the airport sliding away beneath you; or the memory of a long solo IFR flight in challenging weather and the satisfaction of knowing that you flew it to perfection. Or maybe it’s when you know you’ve executed a completely flawless aerobatic manoeuvre, or the day when you first settle comfortably into the command seat in an airline jet – your first day as a fully trained and checked-out airline captain.

There are people who just enjoy flying around the neighbourhood in a powered hang glider or a light sport two-seater at weekends. There are those who fly on their own business, or work in outback charter all their lives, and others who professionally fly airline schedules in modern jets.

You won’t find many pilots who wish they were doing something else.

In this guide we’ll help you to understand what you’re getting into with that first step, to identify what you want to do with your licence and how to get started towards your goal. And we’ll try to guide you in making all the decisions along the way that will help you achieve it.

Our goal is to make sure you have all the needed information at your fingertips. If we miss anything important, send us an E-mail and we’ll simply write it into this guide.

Welcome to flying!

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