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Regulatory reform campaigner calls it quits

In a brief note to supporters of his quest for responsible, ethical and proactive safety regulation, Mr Shane Urquhart, father of Constable Sally Urquhart who lost her life in the 2005 Lockhart River crash, has withdrawn from further public dialogue on the matter. So many people in aviation have been supportive of Shane’s untiring efforts to examine the various governments’ actions and interactions relative to the tragedy’s aftermath, that Shane’s letter may not have reached them all; and he has agreed to ProAviation publishing his brief letter in full. It speaks for itself:

To all:

I have decided to stand away completely from the issues that have been going on (for me) since 2005.

Unfortunately I have had to come to the conclusion that these bastards in the government aviation agencies have their processes and shite so ingrained, that they will never be properly brought to account.

My interest will be now as an observer only, unless something radical occurs….sorry, but I won’t be holding my breath any more. The Lockhart River victims and their families, along with all the others who equally suffered, remain cast aside as simply an inconvenience.

To all of you who have provided outstanding support, information and how to understand and present it, you have my family’s heartfelt thanks. What towers of strength you have been. Of course, I still have to believe that if whistleblowers come forward in enough numbers, they will not be able to be treated as individuals usually are. No-one has done that during my time of involvement.

Best wishes to all.

Shane Urquhart

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