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  1. Paul

    Hi All,
    CASA recently cancelled my private pilots licence based on regulation 269 (1) c and d. “Not a fit and proper person”
    I’m gutted and feel a gross injustice. Here are some details in point form.
    1. I had a landing mishap in my home built aircraft which resulted in the loss of a tailwheel from the leaf spring.
    2. Other than the tailwheel missing no significant damage was detected.
    3. Using the remaining tail leaf spring as a skid a short 15 minute flight back to base, while taking off and landing on grass was actioned. No incident resulted.
    4. 48 hours later 4 CASA officers came a knocking.
    5. Few months later a show cause letter arrived stating so called “facts and circumstances”
    6. I requested via sworn affidavit x3 proof of so called facts. No rebuttal.
    6. 540 days after the initial mishap my license was cancelled. Based on being reg 269(1) c and d.

    Advice would be appreciated.

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