TAAAF Communiqué

The Australian Aviation Associations Forum has congratulated the new Minister for
Infrastructure and Transport, the Hon. Darren Chester MP, on his appointment to this
critical position for Australia’s economy, job creation and aviation industry.
At its recent meeting in Canberra, TAAAF expressed optimism that a new and more
positive aviation regulatory philosophy is emerging, leading to a regulatory partnership
between industry and government.
TAAAF expressed concern at the lack of progress in the effective implementation of the
Forsyth Report (the Aviation Safety Regulatory Review) and would support the
reappointment of Mr David Forsyth to conduct a review of progress and make further
The Forsyth Review identified significant cultural change was required within CASA
and TAAAF continues to encourage and support the CASA Board developing strategic
policies in cooperation with the Forum.
The combined peak aviation bodies called on the CASA Board to immediately impose a
moratorium on proposed changes to pilots’ flight and duty times under CAO 48.1 to
permit a more collaborative approach.
TAAAF fully supports the Director of Aviation Safety’s Directive 01/2015 on the
development and application of risk-based and cost-effective aviation safety regulation
and asked that it be applied to all CASA regulations including Parts 61/141/142 and
CAO 48.1.
The Forum will be presenting comprehensive aviation policy recommendations to all
Members of Parliament prior to the 2016 Federal election.

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