Government responds to ASRR review

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss today delivered the long-awaited government response to David Forsyth’s Aviation Safety Regulation Review (ASRR), and also named the three new members of CASA’s board.

(The response isn’t yet available for downloading but we’ll add a link when that changes.)

“These appointments bring pertinent technical, operational and managerial experience to help the Board play a more active leadership and review role in setting and steering CASA’s strategic direction,” Mr Truss said.

“Anita Taylor is a well-known sports aviator who has been gliding since she was 16. She is President of the Gliding Federation of Australia and a member of the Australian Sport Aviation Confederation. Ms Taylor is a chartered accountant and an experienced company director, with involvement in banking, finance, community and sport sectors.

“Ian Smith AM has 24 years’ experience in the aviation insurance industry. Early in his year he was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia for the promotion and development of aviation. Mr Smith has been a private pilot since 1976 and has held both twin-engine and command instrument ratings.

“Captain Murray Warfield is an aviation consultant who has held both piloting and senior executive roles with Qantas, after a successful career in the Royal Australian Air Force.

As Qantas’ General Manger, Regulatory and Industry Affairs, Capt Warfield was a also significant player in the development of new navigation practices and systems, and of new international routes that delivered major cost and environmental advantages.

In a Ministerial statement, Mr Truss significantly upgraded the government’s expectations of the incoming board:

“In such a complex environment the Government expects the regulator to be firm but fair in how it conducts its role. The regulator also needs to be well-informed about the industry context, conscious of the impacts that its actions have on operators and open to approaches which achieve safety outcomes without unnecessary impacts on industry.

“This approach calls for effective and ongoing engagement and communication with the industry, both at a strategic and working level. As the Aviation Safety Regulation Review recommends, we need to create an “effective collaborative relationship [between CASA and the industry] based on a foundation of mutual understanding and respect.”

“As a key part of our aviation safety system, the Government expects the CASA Board to take an active role in setting directions for CASA and overseeing its functions. Critically the Government also expects the Board to maintain an effective dialogue with industry at a strategic level.

We’ll be separately analysing the ASRR response from available industry input which we would welcome from any bona fide industry stakeholder.

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